Arman provides organizations across the globe with industrial engineering solutions and products by creating a team of professionals, using cutting-edge technologies, and by constantly working to improve its products and services.


Arman provides its employees with the opportunity for self-realization, while supporting professional development and leadership qualities.


Arman provides its shareholders with the opportunity to implement their ideas, participate in useful and interesting business, and also ensures steady income and security.




  • In the next 20 years, consumers and leading global institutions will rate the quality of Arman’s solutions on par with that of current leaders.
  • Arman’s solutions will be known in most developed and developing countries.
  • Arman will be among the 100 most attractive employers in the CIS and Asia.





         Arman the world-class company


  • We compare ourselves with the best global companies in terms of quality, efficiency, novelty of solutions, employee qualification and reputation.
  • Our goal is for business in other countries to grow to the same levels as in Russia.
  • We aspire for global recognition as a high-tech, progressive and socially responsible company.

         Arman the dream company


  • We aspire to have the best staff.
  • We offer each employee of the company the opportunity to participate in interesting projects, grow professionally, build a career and increase income.
  • We reward outstanding results of employees with long-term incentives, going as far as offering a share in the company’s profits.

         Arman the stable company


  • We analyse and take into consideration risks when making any decision. We make an effort to create a risk management system that is independent of the operating business.
  • We deliberately diversify our business in order to balance country and industry risks.
  • We do not conduct questionable financial operations and we remain in full compliance with the law in all countries we operate.

         Arman the efficient company


  • When assessing a project, employee or business unit, we use the performance indicator above all.
  • We take measures to maintain and improve efficiency: we streamline business processes and develop a management system.
  • We focus our efforts on effective market strategies and we do not try to grow our market share at all costs.

         Arman the supplier of high-quality solutions


  • The quality of products and services is our key competitive advantage. We do not sacrifice quality for the sake of short-term benefit.
  • We have set up a quality control system.



         Arman the progressive company


  • The company conducts regular strategic employee development programs, adopts cutting-edge technologies and improves business efficiency.
  • We introduce progressive technologies and develop our own advanced solutions.
  • We strive to make employees and managers improve their skills constantly. We evaluate managers not only based on their personal development and results, but on the progress of their subordinates as well.

         Arman the honest company


  • We are honest to our customers, partners, staff and the government.
  • That we fulfill our promises, declarations and principles is verifiable.



        Arman the socially responsible company


  • We strive to make social commitments. Arman pays taxes and allocates a portion of its resources to raising awareness around the world.
  • The company spends a portion of its profit on charity every year.
  • The company takes special measures to minimise life risks for successful employees and their families.



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